How to Turn Your Static Cover Letters and Resumes into Dynamic Video Presentations that are GUARANTEED to make you Stand Out from the Crowd

... And Doesn't Require You to Be On Camera or Learn Complex Software…


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Let’s Face it……Your Job Search Efforts aren’t Working

Are you unemployed and constantly getting blown off by employers? Has it been months and you still can’t stand out from the crowd, land a job, or even get an interview?

Have you spent countless hours on your resume, changing the fonts, the formatting, hoping that these changes are going to get you noticed?

Did you know recruiters only look at your resume on average for Less Than 10 Seconds?? Paper Cover Letters and Resumes are yesterday’s news. With all the new technology that is available today, Relying On Paper Is Downright Silly!

It’s time to….

DISCOVER How Today’s SUCCESSFUL Candidates Are Using



  • Video Creates A Deeper Connection– and enables you to use YOUR VOICE to express YOUR ENTHUSIASM, INTEREST AND ENERGY LEVEL in a way that is impossible to do with paper
  • Demonstrates Effort – By responding with Video, you are demonstrating Your Work Ethic, Creativity And Resourcefulness, in your FIRST contact with employers
  • Ensures you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD–the simple fact that responding with video is different than the normal text responses gives you a much higher chance of being noticed
  • By responding with a dynamic video presentation,you will create a “WOW” Factor with employers that make an unforgettable first impression
  • The Use Of Video Is Simply the Best Way To Sell Yourself As The Best Candidate and Ensure You Get The Interviews You Deserve

All Without the Hassle of Appearing on Camera !



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We’ve Made it Easy for You!

  • We’ll included over 100 “Done for You” presentation templates that give the impression that you’ve spent hours and hours preparing your video presentation
  • We’ll teach you a proven methodology that ensures you craft the perfect message when answering the question “Why Hire Me?
  • We’ll reveal to you the biggest mistakes people are making when trying to use video, and why it can actually HURT your chances of getting a job
  • We’ll show the exact format that employers are looking for in your video presentation and give you step-by-step instructions so you get it right every time
  • We’ll show you how using the power of your Voice, Images And Text enables you to best SELL yourself upon first contact with employers
  • And all of this is made possible ….without appearing on Camera!!!
  • Plus –you’ll get my step-by-step method on how to share your video with employers so that your job search efforts are a secret to your current employer
Practically NO Technical Skills Needed!

In fact…

  • If you have PowerPoint, a YouTube account,and a microphone,you have everything you need to can get started today to get immediate results of MORE INTERVIEWS
  • We give you step-by-step training on how you can make simple edits to the templates, and turn your cover letter into dynamic video presentations that will leave an unforgettable first impression and Will Ensure You Get Callbacks
  • What’s more…There is NO Expensive Software to buy and NO Complex Editing involved

What’s included in the Course…

  • Module 1: Why Video Works
    For most job seekers the benefits of video are quite clear…however we’ll break it down so you’ll have a better understanding of the reasons video can make such positive impact and we’ll reveal the most COMMON MISTAKES people make when using Video
  • Module 2: Making Video Work For You
    In this module we’ll take a look at an example video presentation break it down so you understand specific components and how they work together
  • Module 3: What to Say
    We’ll give you the formula for creating the perfect script so that your Video has the EXACT MESSAGE that Employers are looking for
  • Module 4 – Creating your Slides
    In this module we’ll take teach you how to go from Script to Presentation so that you can easily edit the templates and include your personalized content. And we’ve included over 100 ready-made templates that you can customize in a matter of minutes
  • Module 5 – Creating your Video
    And lastly…. we’ll teach you how to record your screen with audio that will enable you to turn your static PowerPoint presentation into a dynamic video that enables you to use your voice to demonstrate your enthusiasm, energy level and passion for the job
  • Module 6 – Sharing your Video
    We will show you the ins and outs of how to share your presentation and how to make sure that it is opened and viewed. We’ll also show you how to share selectively for the job seekers that are currently employed and don’t want to broadcast their job search efforts to the world
  • Module 7 – Advanced Presentation Training
    We’ve made it simple and easy for you to edit the slides and customize the templates to include your information, but we know there are some of you that want more. This module will teach you how to use the more advanced features of PowerPoint so that you can have total control and create that WOW factor you’ve been looking for

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It’s About Working SMARTER Not Harder

Leverage What You’ve Been Doing Already

For many job seekers, you have put in the work and created a good case as to why you are a good fit for the job,but your message is never received by the hiring manager….

With this course, we will teach you how to deliver your message as a dynamic video presentation, that will ensure your message is received and your efforts are rewarded, rather than be tossed in the trash can or dismissed by some automated computer filtering program

No More SPRAY and PRAY

When you’re not getting the results that you desire, the tendency is to do more. We call this method the Spray and Pray, but the idea of sending out more cover letters and resumes of inferior quality really makes no sense at all. Soon you’ll see that by focusing on fewer opportunities and creating unforgettable first impressions, you’ll get the results you desire.

With this system…. you’ll finally break the vicious cycle of sending out more generic resumes and cover letters, a method that hardly ever works and just leaves job seekers with false hope and more discouraged than ever.

You’ll Build Momentum and Confidence

We all know that rejection takes its toll on job seekers and that the longer you are unemployed, the lesser your chances to get a job. But after applying what you’ve learned from our system and getting call backs from employers,you’ll build more confidence and momentum in your job search efforts.

You’ll Be Better Prepared For The Interview

As a by-product of your efforts of following the methodology in this course,you will be better prepared for interviewing. Our methodology teaches you to think about how your skills and experience can create value for the employer.

This is the message that they want to hear, they want to know what you can do for them and why you are the best fit for the job. All of this is critically important for your first contact with employers, as well as your follow up discussions during the interview process.

Job Seeking = Selling Yourself

Think about it for a second….. When you are looking for a JOB, you are selling employers on the idea that you are the best fit for the job, that you have the experience they’re looking for, that you can add value, that you will fit in with their corporate culture, and that your energy level and enthusiasm make you a great candidate

The ULTIMATE Question You Are Answering Is: Why Hire Me?

Your Resume has 10 Seconds to make an Impression

Trying to communicate this on paper alone makes no sense at all. In today’s competitive job search it be hooves you to utilize all available strategies and technology in an effort to separate yourself from the crowd.


Looking For Work: It’s NOT EASY!

  • There are OVER 13.9 MILLION PEOPLE currently unemployed. That’s twice the population of Washington State.
  • There are 7 job seekers for every ONE Job Opening
  • As of Sept 2012, the unemployment rate is 7.8%.And remember, that number does not include unemployed people who are not currently seeking jobs
  • 150,000 new jobs are needed a month to keep up with the growing US population. In January 2011, there were 36,000 new jobs added.
  • Google receives over 1 million resumes per year. They review every resume they receive and they only hire between 4000-6000. That’s .01%-.04%!!

What This Course ISN’T…

Becoming the next Video Superstar

First off, this course ISN’T about creating the next Viral Video or becoming a YouTube sensation.

And it’s also NOT about creating a video that would be expected for someone interviewing for an on-camera broadcaster position or Movie star.

As we’ve mentioned, our system creates amazing videos WITHOUT the headache and complexity of appearing on camera.

A System That Takes a Long Time to Implement

….This ISN’T about a Three-Month Plan on how you can stand out from the crowd by writing a blog, or building a network through Twitter or LinkedIn.

As a job seeker, time is not on your side. Every day that passes is another day without a salary and it doesn’t exactly help your confidence or momentum

We’ve developed this course so that everything in is immediately actionable and leverages everything you’ve already done, utilizing the resume you already have and the cover letters you’ve already written

Full of Complex Techie Stuff

…..This ISN’T something too complex that only super techie people can implement.

And while it’s likely that you will be learning some new technology, we’ve included step-by-step training videos and included the professional templates you’ll need to create an unforgettable first impression that ANY Job Seeker Can Implement

….and This ISN’T just For One Type of Job or For A Certain Experience Level

A Video response to job openings will make an impact for Jobs in Any Industry and Any Level

You maybe a student, an accountant, HR professional, research scientist,event planner, or a nurse. It DOESN’T MATTER How Much Experience You Have, Or The Position You Are Seeking…


Video stands out, Starting with the Crowded Inbox

If you were the Hiring Manager, which response would grab your attention?

 A clickable image that Plays Your Video Response

 “Same Old” boring text like everyone Else

PS. Both are the same message… but the image WILL be clicked on and your message heard

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What Are You Going to do to

Separate Yourself from the Crowd?

  • Buy one of the 7000 books on Amazon that teaches you how to write a cover letter or resume???
  • Waste more time debating on which FONT or FORMAT is most likely to stand out???
  • Keep sending more paper resumes and cover letters hoping that after sending 300 in one week you’ll FINALLY get noticed???
  • Over 65% of people who apply to jobs on job boards WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE!!

…….It’s not about doing more of the same

It’s About Changing the Game and


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