What Next? Don’t Fear Asking For The Next Steps

The interviewer may be smiling at you and you mirror the movement. The process went well and you’re curious as to when the decision will be made. Stop waiting and instead ask! Don’t let your interviewer turn off the camera before you have a chance to know what to expect. Forbes suggests inquiring Read more […]

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Name Dropping During A Video Interview

The camera is rolling, maybe via Skype and your interviewer is a stern type. You feel the pang of nerves and the interviewer may ask you, “How did you hear about our company?” How you respond is essential. Beverly Weinstein of Media Daily News suggests to remain conservative when it comes to name-dropping. Read more […]

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Sí Entrevistador! I Am Bilingual

Once you have completed your review of the interviewing company for your upcoming video interview, you may notice a need of bilingual employees. Does the company have locations internationally? This is your time to shine. Once you have introduced yourself and explained your goals, move onto your skills Read more […]

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