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The Perfect Ending To A Video Interview

Specification of a goodbye should be open ended and intended for that employer. Addressing your interviewer in a general sense is off-putting and shows you are merely canning your good-bye. As the video interview comes to an end, say thank you, but offer something that brings a smile. The Wall Street Read more […]

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Name Dropping During A Video Interview

The camera is rolling, maybe via Skype and your interviewer is a stern type. You feel the pang of nerves and the interviewer may ask you, “How did you hear about our company?” How you respond is essential. Beverly Weinstein of Media Daily News suggests to remain conservative when it comes to name-dropping. Read more […]

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Stand Out During the Interview with these Helpful Tips

Interviews are tough, and for recent graduates, it’s even tougher.  As a recent grad or a college student looking for a job, you probably won’t have enough work experience for employers to correctly assess how great of a job candidate you are.  Therefore, how you do in your interview is essentially Read more […]

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