The Perfect Ending To A Video Interview

by Nate

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Specification of a goodbye should be open ended and intended for that employer. Addressing your interviewer in a general sense is off-putting and shows you are merely canning your good-bye.

As the video interview comes to an end, say thank you, but offer something that brings a smile. The Wall Street Journal reflects on a winning thank you from a candidate:

For example, a candidate for a job at Coca-Cola Co. signed his thank-you with the company slogan, ‘Have a Sweet Day.’

Tapping into the foundation of the employer and their slogan is an intelligent move. It shows your grasp, knowledge and understanding of the company and what it takes to make an impression. Interviewers see this as strong fundamental with how you will handle clients.

Contractor UK suggests to even smile, if the interview is comfortable and openly ask, “how did I do?” This may draw a laugh of appreciation from the interviewer, but also allows you to get an idea how you fared against other candidates.

Once the interview is over, you may be jumping to send a thank you note. Jordan Meyers of Demand Media suggests to wait a bit before immediately send out the thank you note.

Typically, within 24 hours you can send the email, if you believe the specific company has hundreds of interviews, a 30 second video follow-up attached to the video will also allow the interviewer to recall who you are.

If you want to check in with the interviewer again, doing so within 48 hours is not feasible. Interviewers not only spend time over interviews, they also have other job obligations. Be respectable of this time crunch and allow up to three days between communications.

The way you end the video interview correlates a final pause of remembrance for the interviewer. Avoid stuttering, jumbling words and be sure to never call your interviewer by the wrong name.

End your video interview on the best note possible for a call-back.

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