Avoid Grazing During Your Interview

by Nate

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A video interview embraces the aspect of visual inspection and appeal. In doing so, leave the gum chewing for after the interview. Outside of being distracting, it also lacks good taste and class. Utmost professionalism is dictated in the small details.

Clean face, washed and combed hair, the right solid colors for clothing and a genuine relaxed disposition are needed for success. The aspect of the interview process is held by these details clearly in the interviewers mind.

Alison Doyle of About.com states your non-verbal cues are what sets your standards with the interviewer. Chewing gum during the interview always places a strike against you.

Talking and communicating with the interviewer with gum in your mouth, sends several unsaid messages:

  • Shows a lack of care for impression
  • Shows bad taste
  • Questions hygiene matters

Terry Sheridan from Career News agrees. Chewing gum not only is a bad example to present, but it also interrupts your ability to relay skills and experience. The interviewer will be distracted and put off.

Gradview states chewing gum has become a problem in interviews. Placing your gum under your tongue or inside of your cheek, doesn’t dispel the problem of it existing. Many people may have a nervous tick and chewing on items may calm nerves.

It is best to practice deep breathing if interviews bring the same anxiety as visiting the dentist. Take several minutes before the interview to do something calming, like gentle stretching or calling a friend.

How you present yourself is essential for the right response. Nervous ticks occur, that much is understandable. You have to manage the process of relaxation techniques to avoid ruining an interview.

Industry experts talk and converse, you don’t want your name falling into circles that present a bad presentation. Deliver a flawless interview by remaining cool, calm and collected.

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