What Next? Don’t Fear Asking For The Next Steps

by Nate

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The interviewer may be smiling at you and you mirror the movement. The process went well and you’re curious as to when the decision will be made. Stop waiting and instead ask! Don’t let your interviewer turn off the camera before you have a chance to know what to expect.

Forbes suggests inquiring about the next steps with thoughtful perception:

Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?

Your interviewer may be taken aback by the question. Understand most interviewers are used to a question-and-answer session, but not the next steps. The Career Center suggests restating your interest in the position upon the close of the interview, and ask openly what the next steps are.

Be sure to remember or jot down your interviewers contact information so you can follow-up with a thank you note. Never feel powerless in the interview, states Ford Myers, President of Career Potential. Myers suggests the following tips for a strategic follow-up:

  • Act more like a consultant than an applicant- don’t treat yourself as a product for sale. Probe into the needs and desires of the company and show your worth to fulfill it.
  • Confirm the next steps and don’t become bashful if the employer states “we’ll let you know.” Instead inquire and ask what comes next.
  • Send the thank you note within a few hours after your interview, express and highlight your skills again and encourage the interviewer to reach out to you for additional information.

Be confident with your skills. Meet the interviewer’s eyes on camera and thank them for their time, address them by name and most importantly? Ask specifically when a decision will be made about the position, states Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter of US News.

Closing the sale of your worth by following these steps to lead to an interview success. Show your desire and your willingness to go above and beyond what is expected. Protocol of process is eliminated in today’s competitive environment. Show your interest by remaining interested in the results.

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