Second Chance Video Interview

by Nate

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Your first interview may have been a complete flop. Sometimes, opportunity knocks when you are not ready. Perhaps you were suffering with a cold, a recent death in the family or another circumstance that resulted in a failed interview.

Alison Doyle of suggests acknowledging the bad and prepare for a second chance. You want to be able to recover, if this is a company to want to be part of. Your passion for that pursuit is the key to winning a second chance.

There is nothing wrong with powering up your web cam and recording a clear and concise interview process. Consider the questions asked in the last interview and answer them precisely.

Attach your video to an email and send it to the interview. Doyle suggests to explain very briefly what went wrong and emphasize your interest in the position and offer to meet again, once they review your follow-up.

Vickie Elmer of Glassdoor shares stories of former alcoholics, who in the second interview explained overcoming and adapting to living normally. Being honest is key, especially if you flubbed your original interview. Of course, you want to remain concise when delivering the video and express your interest and why you are interested in the position.

Forbes suggests keeping the explanation brief and interview straight to the point. You will have less than five minutes to show the company why you deserved the second chance, and how you use it, will become detrimental. Use it wisely.

The process of interviews is much like dating, typically the first meetings can be an immediate success or failure. How you respond is essential for feedback. As you start your video to re-impress the interviewer, be clear and be honest.

Then immediately, launch into your skills, abilities and why you will would make a good candidate for the job. The best impressions are completed by people willing to admit a mistake and rectify it. This is your time to shine!

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