Top 5 Tips On How To Be More Productive at Work


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more productive work 300x156 Top 5 Tips On How To Be More Productive at Work“Managers and executives these days are totally focused on productivity—getting the most from the employees they have,” says Kate Wendleton, president of career coaching firm The Five O’Clock Club. “… they need people who are productive.”

Getting the most out of your work day is an important aspect in the work space.  We have selected the top 5 ways to be more productive at work from Daniel Bortz‘s article from US News Money Blog.

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  1. Take breaks. It’s tempting just to sit at your desk all day, but you’ll find yourself far less energized. A simple five-minute walk will help clear your head and enable you to restart your work with a fresh approach. “It helps the blood flow,” Wendleton says. Marla Tabaka, a business coach and strategist, says your brain needs a break of some sort every two hours. “It’s a good idea to get up, stretch, go to the water cooler, and then get back to work,” she says. “Just try to keep your breaks to five minutes.”
  2. Prioritize. Once in the morning and then again in the middle of the day, take a step back and examine if your efforts are focused on the right projects. “You need to ask yourself, ‘Am I working on the most important thing I can be working on?’” Wendleton says. If you want to save time, make a to-do list the night before and then update it in the afternoon. “You need to ensure you’re working on things that are important to the company,” Wendleton says. The more important your work is, the more valuable you are as an employee.
  3. Set long-term goals. ”Too many people get caught up in the day-to-day things that need to be done—the recent email that came in, the phone call that just came in—and then they really don’t get anything done that’s significant because they’re just fighting fires,” Wendleton says. Develop two big-picture things that you want to accomplish throughout the year and post them next to your computer as a reminder.
  4. Surf the Web—occasionally. Web browsing can actually refresh tired workers and enhance their productivity, compared with other activities such as making personal calls, texts, or emails, according to a study released last year by the National University of Singapore. The study found that taking intermittent breaks from tasks to surf the Web and visit your favorite sites can help you focus more when you go back to work.
  5. Don’t multitask. Focus is key. “These people who think that they can multitask are wrong,” Wendleton says. Focus on one thing, get it done, and move on. “The people who are able to focus and get something done well are the people who are most productive,” she says.  ”Multitasking will eat up 40 percent of your workday,” Tabaka says. “Employers want people who can focus,” she says. Instead, block out time to do certain tasks. “You’re not putting things off—you’re scheduling things,” Tabaka says.
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