4 Ways For Recent Grads to Get Noticed by Employers


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Considering a Graduate Degree Answer these questions first 4 Ways For Recent Grads to Get Noticed by Employers

Anna Pitts recent posted an article on the Simply Hired Blog about how Recent Grads can get noticed by employers and land a job straight out of college.  The overall lesson learned here is that you need to develop your own personal brand.  You need to establish yourself as an expert in your industry so that when employers look you up, they’ll find that would be a great candidate for their next available job.

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So here are the ways for recent graduates and soon to be graduates to stand out and get noticed by employers broken down into 4 parts:

1) Network

Social media is second nature to current graduates, and this should be used to your advantage. Use your twitter account to follow relevant companies and angle your tweets so that they get noticed by employers. Sign up for LinkedIn and start building your profile; add your qualifications, experience, achievements and a professional looking photo. Then, start being active; connect with people, join groups, share content and like updates to get noticed. Make sure you set your Facebook profile to private, especially if there are photos or comments that shouldn’t really be seen by potential employers. Make a professional Facebook account to add and link companies, so you can keep your work and private life separate.  Start a blog as a place to showcase your thoughts and work. It acts a something to show at interviews as a portfolio of the type of things you can do and is a great way to get noticed. Once you’ve got your own personal ad campaign down to a T…

2) Develop your personal brand

There’s no point creating exposure for yourself and potentially getting noticed by many companies if you aren’t someone that they would be interested in. All that work that you’ve put into social networking will go to waste if they look at your profile but aren’t impressed by what they see.  You need to find out exactly what skills, achievements, qualifications and experience that people in your industry are looking for in their ideal candidate and then make sure you tick every box on their list. Then, when they stumble across you on twitter or LinkedIn they can see that you and they will be a match made in heaven. If they still haven’t noticed you on social media…

3) Approach them

How are they going to know you exist if you don’t tell them you do? Social media isn’t the only way to get in touch with companies. You can try the old fashioned method of, shock horror, picking up the phone. Giving them a call, or an email, introducing yourself and that you’d like to get some experience at their company has the advantage of the personal touch. They can get a sense of who you are and if you include your links to your social media at the end (if you have sent an email) then they can have a look on those too. They will appreciate the effort, but they are busy people, so if at first you don’t succeed…

4) Be persistent and professional

Expect to make more than one point of contact before you get a response. Make sure you don’t call or email too close together; there is a fine line between being keen and harassing them. Keep your messages at least a week apart and attach your CV and tell them your contact details in each one. No one gets their dream job land straight in their lap and it will take a good few attempts before they begin to acknowledge you. As long as you are professional and polite then they should notice you eventually.

Basically, follow the AIDA marketing technique- get the attention of the target audience; interest them; create desire for your product (in this case you) and follow it up with action.

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