Why Video Resumes Need to be Short and Sweet!


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Why Video Resumes Need to be Short and Sweet Why Video Resumes Need to be Short and Sweet!

When creating a video resume, one must always remember to keep it short and sweet!  Employers don’t want to spend 10 minutes watching you talk about yourself, especially if you are boring or if the video is poorly made.  Get to the point and don’t drag it out!  Of course you want to make sure the employer gets a sense of who you are after watching your video, but it’s better to make a great impression in a minute or two and leave them wanting more!

Here are a few tips on why your video resume must be short and sweet!

  • Leave them wanting more – Why would you want to spend 5 minutes or more talking about yourself?  Chances are, your accomplishments aren’t worthy of keeping anyone interested for that long.  By keeping the length of your video around 90 seconds or less, you highlight only the best parts about you.  If your short and sweet video intrigues the hiring manager, of course they’re going to want to get to know you more through an interview.
  • Keep the hiring manager’s attention – Employers only spend about 10 seconds glancing at your paper resume.  That is a short attention span!  If they have hundreds of resumes coming in a day, they are going to want to spend as little time on each resume as possible, so if your video resume is too long, they are not going to watch the whole thing and your message will be lost.
  • Keep only the best – Keep only the best points about yourself and your experience and leave out the rest!  Include only what’s necessary and what specific skills that you have that would help their specific company.

So now you know why the length of your video resume needs to be short and sweet.  You are now on your way to a more successful job search!

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