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Launched in 2012, Get Hired with Video was created to enable job seekers to easily leverage video technology to improve their job search efforts and get more interviews. Using video is the best way for applicants to:

1. Stand out from the crowd

2: Communicate with employers why their skills /background/experience make them the perfect fit for the job.


With the Get Hired with Video system, applicants create dynamic video cover letters for specific job openings, without the hassle and complexity of appearing on camera.

Mike Demko is the Founder and CEO of Get Hired with Video. Mike is a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional with 18+ years of experience working at Fortune 500 companies (Oracle, Merck and Intuit) as well as VC-backed startups (Egreetings & SiteSmith) and is passionate about applying video technology to improve the way we sell, market, and communicate.

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“Your resume is useless if you can’t get employers to read it”

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